Maria Akatemia

Maria Akatemia is a non-profit organisation in Finland. Maria Akatemia is independent of any political or religious ideologies.

The vision of Maria Akatemia is to promote the wellbeing and inner growth of individuals and communities, for this further supports sustainable intercultural interaction at national and global levels. Its operations and research areas include gender specificity, violence prevention, work community wellbeing and ethical leadership.

Maria Akatemia is specialised in the recognition and treatment of women’s inner ill-being and violence and have since 2003 had a programme for prevention of violence by women.

Maria Akatemia provides seminars, workshops and lectures tailor made according to the needs of our clients. All Maria Akatemia’s services and products are based on a psychodynamic conception of the human.

Open Line (Avoin linja) for women who have used, or are afraid that they might use violence
call +358 9 7562 2260 Fridays at 12-14.
Join our chat. When the chat is closed, you can send an e-mail to:  for young women who use, or are afraid that they might use violence

Our services for individuals are free of cost (STEA).